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Good post about Cubs Starting pitchers


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Good positive perspective on the Cubs lost yesterday.

The Cubs Aren't Rocket Science

While a daily recap of games won’t be a regular feature here on TCARS, I did want to discuss the Cubs opening day game versus the Washington Nationals and festivies that went down at Wrigley Field yesterday.  I had the privilege to take in the game at work via MLB TV (I promise that I got some hose whip simulations done in between pitches).  Thankfully, the web feed had all the pregame ceremonies.  It was great to see the full team introduced and Wayne Messmer sing the National Anthem, as well as Bill Murray psych up the crowd by running the bases.

I’m not going to give a recap, since all of you either watched the game or have seen highlights.  Instead, here are some observations from the opening game:

  • The Cubs aggressiveness was apparent from the start, though unfortunately it wasn’t all successful and they ran themselves out of 2 runs.  Alfonso Soriano…

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