The Times They are a Changing

Since the Cubs are rebuilding, many discussions have been held on who should stay and who should go. Here is my take:

1. Dempster: For teams who are legitimate World Series contenders, Dempster would be a great addition for any team in need of an improvement to their staff. His stock is high at this point, as he is pitching lights out. But he is aging and maybe has two good seasons left. Epstein should be looking to acquire a closer or a highly sought after young SP with great potential.

2. Soriano: Like Dempster, Soriano is aging and nearing the end of his career. He could benefit any team in need of an experienced bat and outfielder either due to improvement at position or injuries. The Cubs won’t get a great deal for him, but acquiring developmental players at key positions is worth the risk.

3. Soto: With Clevenger showing signs of promise, and Castillo serving as a backup, the Cubs could move Soto for developmental players, but more-so to free up money. I think the risk is worth the possible reward.

4. Wood: I really hope Kerry will retire as a Cub by the end of the season. He has shown devotion, loyalty and love for this organization and it’s fans. But his body cannot handle the big leagues anymore. But if he is unwilling to retire, than he has to be sent down or cut.

5. Marmol: He just needs to go and I don’t care where. The Cubs won’t acquire much for him, but Sveum could use a new razor.

Moving these players will also free up to $47.6 million. This will give Epstein a great deal of money to make moves come the off-season. I feel these are moves that will greatly benefit the organization, giving them the best opportunity for a sorely missed World Series Championship.


  1. JroChicago

    Disagree with the prospect of trading Dempster. Minus the blown saves your Chicago Cubs are a playoff team right now! Trade Dempster and we’ll find ourselves one starting pitcher away from ending the curse in the next two seasons. Building a championship team doesn’t take a decade. By trading Dempster the Cub would be sending the message that they don’t foresee winning it all in the next 3 years. If they did they would keep him!

  2. helms83

    But why sit on a high stock when it’s at it’s peak? The Cubs are rebuilding and can get a great trade for Dempster. He is limited on seasons left, who knows how much longer he has at the age of 36. There is a great option to get players to help with the rebuilding process and I think the Cubs should jump on that.

    • helms83

      But even though you love that car, one day it gets old. You have to trade it in while it still has value or you get nothing from the dealership.

  3. Vince V.

    The Cubs have a solid rotation with Samarzdija and Garza as well as Dempster. Only trade Dempster based on what you will get in return. And right now, I don’t see what the Cubs could get in terms of value for him. Not to mention, he is aging so teams maybe wary of taking on the liabilty. I have to agree with Jro. The Cubs need to figure out how to close out games. I agree with your other four to free up dollars.

    Nice post.

    Vince V.

    • helms83

      Thanks Vince, appreciate the comment. I don’t think the Cubs will trade Dempster to first offer. But I feel you start to take offers now. This way, news and rumors will circulate, potentially improving what teams are willing to give for Dempster. Also, as teams begin to separate, realizing their season potential and weaknesses, the need for a SP such as Dempster will increase, I feel he is the piece you move to propel your ball club into the future.

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