Possible Cubs Roster Moves

I feel sometime shortly before or shortly after the All-Star break that this will be the Cubs lineup:

After some further research and discussions, I changed my perception of the outfield positions. I’ll attempt to explain my reasonings for certain positions.

There is really no need to discuss the infield positions, as many fans understand and mostly agree here. The outfield leaves room for discussion.

I do not believe Campana is an All-Star CF. I feel he lacks power and arm strength needed for this position. However, his speed and presence on base is such a huge asset to this team, he HAS to be in the lineup. I may be crazy, but I would love to see Campana as a 2B, freeing CF for an additional power-hitter.

I feel LaHair would have better success in RF as he is accustomed to seeing the field from this prespective having been at 1B.

With a majority of batters in the MLB being right-handed, I feel speed, reaction and experience is needed in LF. Jackson is best suited here when compared to LaHair.

With all the positions clicking, I would like to see the batting order as follows:

1. Campana/Castro 2. Clevenger 3. LaHair 4. Castro/Rizzo 5. Campana/Rizzo 6. Jackson 7. Stewart 8. Barney 9. P

What are your thoughts?


  1. kmgregus

    Why would you have LaHair in center and Jackson in right? Jackson is a natural CF with speed. I’d move LaHair to LF, Jackson to CF, and Mather to RF. Also, I think I’d rather have DeJesus in the lineup instead of Mather. I love David’s approach to the game.

  2. JroChicago

    Can’t have the catcher batting second. Flip Jackson and Clevenger. Dempster is a Cub, with him we are 1 pitcher (Hamels) away from a World Series rotation (Dempster, Hamels, Garza, Maholm) which would be shortened in the playoffs. Marmol will be a dominant closer. The question is will it happen in Chicago.

    • kmgregus

      I agree with moving Jackson’s speed to the top of the order, but who says a catcher can’t bat second? Why limit the lineup like that? If everyone went by common baseball thinking, we wouldn’t have guys like Theo or Billy Beane. Dempster is tradeable due to the emergence of Samardzija. The way Demp is pitching can get some nice return, but there are only so many innings left on his arm. Also, Marmol won’t return to dominance unless he can throw strikes. His slider is useless unless he can get people to chase it, which only comes if they respect his other pitches.

  3. helms83

    I think having Clevenger at the top of the order could get an early 1 run lead in the first inning. Say Campana gets on base, steals second, now you have a RISP. The way Clevenger is batting combined with Campana’s speed, that’s an easy 1-run combo. Plus having speed at the bottom of the order helps for other situations; additional threats, sacrifice bunts (especially by a pitcher). Having all your speedy guys bunched together limits their SB attempts as well.

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