10 Things We Know After Tonight’s Game

Few things we know are for certain going into tomorrow’s 10 April 2012 series of MLB games:

1) The Brewers are a fundamentally sound ball club at the plate: advancing runners, sacrifice flies and scoring on squeeze bunts down the line.

2) Sveum is going to use the season in order to develop the young players of this ball club; winning isn’t as important at this point.

3) DeJesus’ arm will be sore after throwing at least four cross-field throws to 3rd and home plate from right field.

4) Soriano was unable to chase down fly balls that a younger left fielder would have been able to snag. What we are not certain of is why: is it age, past hamstring problems, other injuries or commitment issues?

5) Maybe it was the intra-division rivalry, but Braun faced negative reactions during his first game away from the safety of his home field. This will likely continue throughout the season.

6) Cubs’ fans are mixed about Ramirez’s return to Wrigley, and the errors continue as seen in during bottom of the 9th.

7) This young Cubs team is full of fighters who will not quit, even when down four runs in the bottom of the 9th (as many fans felt differently during the past few seasons).

8) Axford is not invincible.

9) Whoever tracks the attendance record for Cubs home games may not be the best attendance record keeper in the MLB. The reported attendance was 38,136. I watched from home, but there seemed to be a lot of empty seats for only having 3,000 less in attendance from the home opener.

10) Cubs’ fans are diehard and will tweet all game long and thereafter!

It was another loss, but this loss stung much less than the previous two and I’m left with a feeling of hope for the remainder of this series.



  1. sirrahh

    I’m calling this one “Spirit in the Ninth” and I liked the way they put themselves in a position to win. I would have liked a better AB from Castro, though.

    • helms83

      Agreed! I just knew he was going to keep the streak alive in dramatic fashion, and then to go down like that was tough. But watching this young club battle back was inspiring. Thanks for the comment!

  2. kmgregus

    Soriano came up as a 2B/SS prospect with the Yankees. He didn’t play LF until he joined the Nationals at age 30. He was never known for his defensive skills, but prior to the past few seasons, his offensive abilities always outweighed his defensive liabilities. So yes, he has slowed down, but I don’t think he ever learned how to effectively play the position.

    • helms83

      Great insight! This might be the case, but the hustle after the ball seemed to be lacking. Perhaps he misread the flight of the ball, maybe the strong wind gusts from left to right pushed the ball causing Soriano to lose track or the night game with the stadium lights threw him off. The camera angle from last night’s game didn’t show Soriano’s initial step, but he didn’t seem to running at full speed from some of the fly balls. Thanks for the comment!

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